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Will you be spending this Black Friday looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend or family member? Or one for yourself? Save time and headaches…get a JD Dyola Journal™! They are awesome, just like you! Clicking on any of the following images takes you to the CreateSpace eStore where you can buy the book directly from the printer. Use Code  777KNRQS* when you checkout to save 10%.

The 4-T™ “for TODAY” Journal Series

WILT_Front Cover               AWIRT_Front Cover              WIG-T outlined_edit              WAW 4-T_Front Cover

My Cleanse Keeper™ (MCK)—The Full-Color Series

My_Cleanse_Keeper_Cover_for_KindleMy_Cleanse_Keeper_Cover_for_Kindle_VOL 2My_Cleanse_Keeper_Cover_for_Kindle_VOL 3My_Cleanse_Keeper_Cover_for_Kindle_VOL 4

My Cleanse Keeper™ (MCK)—The Black & White Series

Proposed BookCoverImage_MCK in B_W-Vol 1Proposed BookCoverImage_MCK in B_W-Vol 2Proposed BookCoverImage_MCK in B_W-Vol 3Proposed BookCoverImage_MCK in B_W-Vol 4


Series: In Celebration of…Family

FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…Friendship

FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Orchids

FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

 Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Roses

FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

 Series: In Celebration of…Music

MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…Pets

PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

JUST RELEASED in time for black friday…

Note: All journals in the Celebration of Life Collection (CoLC) are 6×9,  even though the CoLC book images below are smaller than those above.

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Lilies

FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 1FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 2FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 3FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Orchid Encore

FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 1FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 2FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 3FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 4

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“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola



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