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Today, March 24, 2016, I found Jim Rohn’s How to Use a Journal on YouTube! I’m sharing it with you because his guidance is simply phenomenal. (By the way, don’t you just LOVE YouTube? My gratitude to the YouTuber who uploaded it. If you can’t play the video above, please go to YouTube directly and use the search box to find another upload.)

This is the first time that I’ve heard the program, and I am so excited that I’m devoting this entire page to it. For me Mr. Rohn’s lectures go beyond motivational, they are inspirational! He had such a beautiful way of expressing ideas that I never tire of taking in his wisdom.

For example, take his lovely description of a journal. He called it, “A textbook of self-discovery and self-awareness.” As I listen to his guidance in How to Use a Journal (I’m not finished yet!), I really appreciate the commonalities of the journaling experience. I’ve struggled with and tried to devise ways to cope with the same problems that he mentions (i.e., carrying multiple journals, see my post 4-T™ “for TODAY”: The Series That Started It All!), and the use of indexes—which I’ve incorporated into my journals just as he did.

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Jim Rohn’s presentation offers a comprehensive explanation of how to begin journaling as well as the short and long-term benefits. Of course, I would love for you to choose my collection of journals for your journaling experience, but as Mr. Rohn says the important thing is to pick the type of journal that feels right to you and get started. So, please listen to what he has to say—and if you haven’t already—get a journal, then begin your journaling journey TODAY!

Happy journaling, JD

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Guidance from Jim Rohn



Jim Rohn—How to Use a Journal

(Partial transcript below.)

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“Hi everybody this is Jim Rohn. Over the years I have repeatedly encouraged people, in search of the good life, to make use of a journal. Invariably, at the conclusion of a seminar a number of people are sufficiently inspired by learning of the effect journals have had on my life to start using one of their own. Unfortunately, inspiration and enthusiasm quickly fade in the face of all those blank pages. Instead of finding new answers to life, the journal seems to open a floodgate of new questions such as: What am I supposed to write? Should I only write about business events? How often should I be writing? What kind of journal is best? Does spelling count?

“The purpose of these tapes then is not only to explore the incredible value of recording your life’s experiences, but also to examine the endless uses and methods of keeping a journal. Hopefully, by the conclusion of this program your questions will have been answered and you will be confidently embarking on a new adventure in achievement, with the vehicle of pen and paper.

“The first thing to understand about a journal is that it’s your book. And because it is yours, you must be the one to select the size and style you feel most suits your needs and personal preferences. Like a favorite armchair, a journal must be comfortable enough that you will want to go to it often. You may in fact find yourself experimenting with a variety of journals over the years as your needs and tastes change. During the past 25 years, I’d be willing to bet that I’ve tried almost every conceivable system of capturing ideas on paper from loose-leaf binders, and file cards, to dime store notebooks, and hard bound volumes. I’ve had big journals, and little journals, journals with lined pages, and journals with blank pages—all of which met a certain need at a certain period in my life. And believe me you too will undoubtedly go through half a dozen different methods over the years and that’s to be expected. As you continue to grow and develop you will soon discover that last year’s systems won’t likely meet this year’s needs. You see one of the keys to success is flexibility. We must always be on the search for more effective methods to facilitate and accommodate new ideas.

“But let’s face it, in the beginning the only thing that matters is that you develop the journal habit. The journal we’ve included with this tape program may or may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but just start using it. Like ordering Chinese food for the first time, the only way to find out which dishes you will or will not like is to try a few. By using this journal to get you started you will not only develop the journal habit but you will also discover in the process of using it what you like or do not like about it. Then when you’ve finished you can always look for a journal that is more tailored to suit your specific needs. And I would suggest that when you go to buy your second journal that you take the time to get just the right one. Remember the use anything received will always be in direct proportion to how it makes you feel when you use it. The color and material of the binding, the texture of the paper the width of the lines or the absence of lines are important considerations. If you feel lines tend to restrict your creative flow then go with blank pages. If you feel uncomfortable with blank pages then choose lined pages. Hey, it’s your book! Make sure it reflects what you are.


“In the beginning the only thing that matters is that you develop the journal habit.” —Jim Rohn Click To Tweet


“My latest journal is a leather-bound volume for which I paid handsomely, but it’s worth every penny I spent. The richness and the smell of the leather in themselves are enticing. It’s enjoyable just to hold it in my hands. And too, it’s important to me to know that unique ideas are being stored in a suitable place. Somebody once asked me why I pay as much as I do for an empty book. And my answer was simple. I intend to put something valuable in it. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t store precious gems in an empty cigar box. So why put a $1,000,000 idea in a ten-cent book.

“Just one bit of advice, however, bear in mind that a journal should be capable of going wherever you go. A journal that requires more space than your briefcase permits or more room than your desktop allows for you, more often than not, will be left at home gathering dust instead of thoughts and cobwebs instead of observations.” 

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