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JD Dyola’s Celebration of Color Collection™ (CoCLR) is made up of seven sets of journals. With the exception of the Indigo series, each set offers four different shades of the featured color, graduating from dark to light (most noticeable in the color band that contains each title). Ruled, numbered pages make up these journals, which include JD Dyola’s signature Thought Index™—for you to customize—and a section for notes.

These really are Books for you and by YOU!™

These are traditional journals featuring JD Dyola’s handy Thought Index™ and a Notes section. There are 7 series: Journaling in…Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Additionally, as with all of JD Dyola’s series you have a choice of four books, or in this case shades, which graduate from dark to light. As stated above, with the exception of the Indigo series in each CoCLR set, Book 1 is generally the most intense form of the color and Book 4 the lightest (most noticable in the band that contains the title).

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Series: Journaling in Red

Celebration of Color Collection-Red Book 1Celebration of Color Collection-Red Book 2Celebration of Color Collection-Red Book 3Celebration of Color Collection-Red Book 4

Series: Journaling in Orange

Celebration of Color Collection-Orange Book 1Celebration of Color Collection-Orange Book 2Celebration of Color Collection-Orange Book 3Celebration of Color Collection-Orange Book 4

Series: Journaling in Yellow

Celebration of Color Collection-Yellow Book 1Celebration of Color Collection-Yellow Book 2Celebration of Color Collection-Yellow Book 3Celebration of Color Collection-Yellow Book 4

Series: Journaling in Green

Celebration of Color Collection-Green Book 1Celebration of Color Collection-Green Book 2Celebration of Color Collection-Green Book 3Celebration of Color Collection-Green Book 4

Series: Journaling in Blue

Celebration of Color Collection-Blue Book 1Celebration of Color Collection-Blue Book 2Celebration of Color Collection-Blue Book 3Celebration of Color Collection-Blue Book 4

Series: Journaling in Indigo

Celebration of Color Collection-Indigo Book 1Celebration of Color Collection-Indigo Book 2Celebration of Color Collection-Indigo Book 3Celebration of Color Collection-Indigo Book 4

Series: Journaling in Violet

Celebration of Color Collection-Violet Book 1Celebration of Color Collection-Violet Book 2Celebration of Color Collection-Violet Book 3Celebration of Color Collection-Violet Book 4

“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola

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