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FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This is the first time I’ve heard of JD Dyola Journals™, WHat Types of journals do you have?

JD: Remember the familiar saying that a picture is worth a thousand words?  Well, if you’ve never used or heard of JD Dyola Journals ❤™,  please check out our Previews page for a brief  visual introduction.  Right now, there are three groups of JD Dyola Journals ❤™ that are completely different from one another: 1) the 4-T™ “for TODAY” Journal Series, the 4-H™ Spanish Edition, and the 4-T™ spinoffs (WIL–T™ Spinoffs and AWIR–T™ Spinoffs), support learning and personal development; 2) the My Cleanse Keeper™ journals, facilitate record-keeping during your detox and health cleanse; and 3) the Celebration of Life Collection (CoL) journals, are blank and ideal for writing your own book/story. Why not try one from each grouping to get the full JD Dyola Journals ❤™ experience?


Q: I’ve noticed that JD Dyola Journalscome in sets—series of four—Why Is tHAT?

JD: Excellent question! My signature 4–T “for TODAY” series began with four volumes and ever since I’ve simply continued the tradition. Each volume in the 4–T™ series was completely different. However, starting with my second series and all the others that have followed, each journal in a set provides, you, the journal lover with a choice of cover options while maintaining the basic interior, give or take a few minor details. You know the saying, “Different covers for different folks,” (…or maybe you don’t since I just made that up :-D).


Q: What does the Slogan “Books for you and by YOU!™” MEAN to you?

JD Dyola Journals ❤™ Books for you and by YOU!

JD: All of my books are for you and by YOU because I may give you a few tips, but no rules. You decide whether you want to make entries at the start of your day, during it — as you are discovering something new — or as you wind down at its conclusion.


Q: Why is there a heart after JD Dyola Journals ❤™?

JD: I try really hard to make each journal series as useful and functional as possible. A tremendous amount of love and energy goes into producing them for you. That’s what the ❤ represents. I hope that this comes through as you use them and make each one your own.


Q: I’ve Previewed Your Journals. I’M ready to buy now, but some links take me to Amazon.com while other links go to the CreateSpace e-STORE—Does it Matter Whether I order my journal from one over the other?

JD: Another phenomenal question! Friend, as long as you buy my books I’m happy. Let me say, however, that my commission per sale is higher when you order directly from the printer, CreateSpace (CS), Amazon’s on-demand publishing subsidiary, but there are also several advantages to you, the journal-loving consumer. Here are a few things to consider:

  • First, while CreateSpace is less well-known, as noted above, it is also an Amazon company.
  • The Amazon.com site is more familiar, but you will often see prices for some of my journals that seem astronomical. When you order directly from CS you will often pay a more stable price.
  • Furthermore, if I revise a journal—after finding an issue that needs correcting or some detail(s) that I want to change—you get the most recent copy of that book when you order directly from the printer, CS. However, Amazon vendors will send you whatever version of the title they have in stock. And most likely the items used to fulfill orders are the first books that they received, which may not be the updated form.
  • Additionally, I can offer specials only on journals purchased through the CreateSpace eStore, but not on any bought from Amazon.com. That’s just the way it is. I do not have any control over this. Before buying why not check the SPECIALS link in the header of my website, look at the prices on both Amazon.com and the CS journal page, then make an informed decision that way. Clicking the images on my Previews & Updates page directs you to Amazon.com, while most of the links in my posts, that announce new series, go to CreateSpace. By next week, I’ll be finished updating the links on the SERIES & COLLECTIONS page (see the header section) so that all they all point to CS and you’ll have one convenient place from which to search.
  • Finally, if you have a problem with an order, such as somehow ink is missing from several pages of a book, the CS team offers great customer service and will try to solve your issue with minimal headaches. Just contact them to explain what happened, give them the book’s identification number, under the barcode for that volume (found in the rear of the book, usually the very last page)—this helps them to pinpoint production details. Since they are the printer, they can replace the book for you. Amazon.com’s customer service is fantastic as well, but when dealing with third-party vendors the most they can do is refund your money in most cases. Then you’ll have to re-order.

Q: Are JD Dyola Journals green?

JD:  Actually, no. While some are green in spots, we have a nice choice of colorful non-monochromatic covers. Oh wait, you meant eco-friendly didn’t you? Great question! I wondered that myself so I contacted my printer, CreateSpace. Here’s the response that I received in March 2017:

“Thank you for contacting CreateSpace…. It is my pleasure to provide to you some information about our printing process.

“Environmental consciousness is important to us as we continue to grow. As a manufacture on-demand company, we produce units only as they’re ordered, which reduces excess production. Our ink is chlorine-free, and our acid-free interior paper stock is supplied by an FSC-certified provider. While our laminated covers are considered a form of plastic, we currently offer a 55-pound (weight) off-set cream paper for black and white book interiors that is made from 30% post-consumer waste recycled material.

“We maintain a commitment to recycling waste materials resulting from the printing process and from daily office operations, and we will continue to review our practices to ensure we are doing our part to protect the environment.

“I hope this information is useful to you. Thank you for choosing CreateSpace!”

They are really are helpful at CreateSpace! I appreciate doing business with them and I think you will also.


Q: JD Dyola Journalssignature 4–T series stresses journaling daily, and I feel guilty. What If I do not Journal every single day?

JD: That’s fine! Just between you and me…journaling  every day is a goal that I aspire to as well. There are many days when I do not get to journal because of exhaustion, more pressing commitments, or not feeling like it. Therefore, please journal when you can, but without any shame or remorse.

My goal with the 4–T™ series is to encourage journaling, for its many benefits. So, if it’s your goal to make daily journaling a part of your life, the late great journaling master, Jim Rohn,  provides valuable advice in his audio presentation, How to Use a Journal, and in it Mr. Rohn admits that everyone who uses a  journal might not make daily entries (if the link to his audio no longer works please search YouTube for another).

Lastly, one of these posts (click here) might provide the incentive that you need to transition to—more frequent, guilt-free—journaling that works for you.


 Updated last on September 26, 2017.

Books in JD Dyola’s Signature 4–T “for TODAY” Journal Series:

WIL-T: What I Learned…TODAY! (Volume 1—A Personal Development Journal)

AWIR-T: About What I Read…TODAY! (Volume 2—A Reading Companion Journal)

WIG 4-T: What I’m Grateful for…TODAY! (Volume 3—A Gratitude Journal)

WAW 4-T: The Combo Journal—What I Learned, Read & Appreciated…TODAY! (Volume 4—A combination of volumes 1-3)

“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola


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