JD Dyola’s Celebration of Life Collection™


Announcing My Life, My Thoughts, My Journal: JD Dyola’s Celebration of Life Collection™ (CoL)!

This grouping of assorted series’ is united under the “Celebration of Life Collection™” (CoL) umbrella since every set in it focuses on one thing that adds joy to life in some way. In addition, within each series the common titleMy Life, My Thoughts, My Journalthe theme and the cover images unify all 4 volumes and highlight something that makes life more awesome.

The journal interiors contain ruled, numbered pages but are otherwise blank. And the covers do not dictate their content. Write about whatever you wish. For instance, if you’re a pet, music, or flower lover one of the journals in that specific series may captivate you, but it’s your journal. Please fill it with your favorite quotes, pictures, and so on. Because you know sometimes you feel like a quote, and sometimes you don’t! Furthermore, the “Dedication,” “Acknowledgments,” and “About the Author” sections have been left for you to complete. You are the author. These really are “Books for you and by YOU!™

For details on a journal below, please click the image or to learn more about one of the series in the CoL Collection click on the link to the series. The links take you to JD Dyola’s Author Page on Amazon.com (look for more links on the Previews & Updates page as books become available for preview).

Series: In Celebration of…Family

FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1  FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2  FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3  FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

 Series: In Celebration of…Friendship

FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1  FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2  FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3  FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

 Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Lilies

FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 1_LgFLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 2_LgFLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 3_LgFLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 4_Lg

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Orchids

FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1  FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2  FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3  FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Orchid Encore

FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 1_LgFLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 2_LgFLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 3_LgFLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 4_Lg

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Roses

FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1  FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2  FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3  FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

 Series: In Celebration of…Music

MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1  MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2  MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3  MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

 Series: In Celebration of…Pets

PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1  PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2  PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3  PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

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“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola



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