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WIL–T: What I Learned…TODAY!A Personal Development Tool

(The 4-T™ “FOR TODAY” Journal Series/Volume 1)


WIL-T Review
Format: Diary
I received this book as a gift after meeting the author on Twitter. What a fantastic way to capture my thoughts for the day. I don’t actually use this book everyday, but rather I have it on my night stand and before I go to bed I ask myself. What did I learn today? If I can come up with something worth remembering, I jot it down. I’ve only begun using it, but I can only imagine how useful it’s going to be for me as a writer. I spend a lot of time thinking about my characters as well as myself, so sometimes I end up jotting down things I learned about my characters that day. Such a great tool for anyone who like me, likes to jot down everything and reference it later.

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A.W.I.R–T: About What I Read…TODAY!—A Reading Companion Journal

(The 4-T™ “For TODAY” Journal Series/Volume 2)


5.0 out of 5 stars A great companion to any book your reading

Format: Diary
A fantastic companion to have as you read through any book! This sits on the night stand next to me as I read and allows me to jot down my daily impressions about what it read. It’s really helpful for writers who have a million fleeting thoughts while reading because it helps you remember to write them down but also helps you keep track of ideas or things that inspire you while you read.
Format: Diary
Great idea! Thank you very much for this beautiful way of helping me write out my
daily blessings. It will no doubt help me in the future or in difficult moments, to
remember the good things that has happened to me in the past.

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W.A.W 4-T: The Combo Journal—What I Learned, Read & Appreciated…TODAY!

(The 4-T™ “for TODAY” Journal Series/Volume 4)


5.0 out of 5 stars Keep up the good work!
Format: Diary
Thank you J.D DYOLA for this complete daily life companion in form of a journal.
I simply admire the concept of writing out my daily thoughts and keeping record of my activities.
It does not only help me count my blessings, it also help me pour out my mind and worries before
the end of each day.Keep up the good work!

“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola

Books in JD Dyola’s 4–T™ “for TODAY” Journal Series:

WIL-T: What I Learned…TODAY! (Volume 1—A Personal Development Journal)

AWIR-T: About What I Read…TODAY! (Volume 2—A Reading Companion Journal)

WIG 4-T: What I’m Grateful for…TODAY! (Volume 3—A Gratitude Journal)

WAW 4-T: The Combo Journal (Volume 4—A combination of volumes 1-3)

“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola

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