WIG 4-T: What I’m Grateful for…TODAY!A Gratitude Journal



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WIG 4T: What I’m Grateful for…TODAY!—A Gratitude Journal*

WIG 4–T: What I’m Grateful for…TODAY! is a gratitude journal designed to record your thoughts of thanks in the moment—either as you are appreciating something new or a familiar subject with fresh eyes. Alternatively, you may decide to use it at the end of each day to comment on what you’ve cherished that particular day. That’s why WIG 4–T™ is for you and by YOU!

This is the 3rd volume in the 4–T “for TODAY” Journal Series™…books for you and by YOU!

More about JD Dyola’s GRATITUDE Journal—WIG 4–T: What I’m Grateful for…TODAY!

About a year or so ago, in addition to my general journal, I began to use a separate notebook for what I had learned during the day, another for notes about material that I had read that day, and a third one as a daily gratitude journal. At the beginning of my journal entry I would write “What I Learned Today,” or “About What I Read Today,” or “What I’m Grateful for Today.” In a short time, I was writing only the acronym for each journal heading (WILT, AWIRT, and WIG4T). The 4–T™ journals were conceived!

Then at the beginning of 2015, I started researching what’s involved in becoming indie author (self-published, independent author). I’ve always loved to write and I got a lot of helpful advice from other indie authors. Soon the 4–T™ Journal Series was born! Then, after a few weeks of carrying around 3-4 journals every day along with other books, I developed WAW 4–T: The Combo Journal. I figured that if I found journals like this valuable then others might also. And I believe that I was right because you’re here reading this. I hope that you’ll love the 4-T™ journals as much as I do and enjoy using them!

Daily Goals

The 4–T™ series is really about growth. Regardless of the journal(s) you choose, how about we all make it our goal to read each day, learn something new every day, and express gratitude throughout our days, let’s grow in some way. Are you with me?


Last update on September 12, 2017.

Books in JD Dyola’s 4–T “for TODAY” Journal Series™:

WIL-T: What I Learned…TODAY! (Volume 1—A Personal Development Journal)

AWIR-T: About What I Read…TODAY! (Volume 2—A Reading Companion Journal)

WIG 4-T: What I’m Grateful for…TODAY! (Volume 3—A Gratitude Journal)

WAW 4-T: The Combo Journal (Volume 4—A combination of volumes 1-3)


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