JD Dyola’s My Cleanse Keeper (MCK)―The Black & White Series

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My Cleanse Keeper™ (MCK) is a journal for your cleanse experiences (see each front cover followed by the corresponding rear cover above). Just like the Full-Color Series, each volume in the Black & White Series provides record keeping for 12 ten-day health programs. Use it for any cleanse routine, including the Master Cleanse. MCK™ allows you to easily access and compare each detox with preceding and succeeding ones!

For variety only, MCK™the Black & White Series comes in different fruit options, but save for the cover, each volume is the same inside (with minor changes from the Full-Color Series). Use them in any order that you wish. Please read the introduction below to find out how MCK™ got its start.

These journals are…Books for you and by YOU!

Many happy cleanses to you,

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Last updated on Ocotber 6, 2017.

MCK™ Disclaimer & Excerpt*


“This journal is not intended to serve as medical advice. It is merely a tool for you to use after you have done your own research and any applicable consultations. The author has only shared personal experiences and is not advocating self-diagnosis or self-treatment of any health issue/disease, or recommending any program for you individually. Detox regimens should not be considered substitutes for a healthy diet and lifestyle. When selecting a specific detoxification platform please discuss it with a licensed and qualified healthcare provider. In addition, it is imperative that you thoroughly understand any directions in preparing for, using, and ending your program – before you begin – especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding/nursing. Even when using the same method(s), each person is unique and will have different reactions and experiences; therefore, you must accept full accountability for any cleansing/detox decisions you make. Neither the author nor the publisher is responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from the detox/cleanse, or any other type of program, that you choose to follow. Please use good judgment. If you are not willing to assume all risk then do not use this journal.”



In this modern world that we live in the food has become so unnatural that it passes through the kidneys, the liver and the digestive system with great difficulty. If these accumulations of metabolic waste are not removed, they apparently interfere with the flow of energy and make it more difficult for the body to function normally.¹ ~D.J. Geisler


“First of all, thank you for choosing the My Cleanse Keeper (MCK) series.  My journals are for you and by YOU since you really are the author and also because they blossom and develop based on your reactions and comments.

“You can use MCK for any detox program or cleanse (by the way, I’ll be using the expressions “detox” and “cleanse” interchangeably). However, I developed my journal in 2014, to track my progress as I began the Master Cleanse (MC). Let me acknowledge, though, that I am not a health practitioner; therefore, I am not recommending or endorsing a specific program for you individually. Please carefully research any health plan before trying it.

“I chose to do the MC. It’s been around for decades, so there’s a lot of information available about it. The guidelines that I used are from Tom Woloshyn’s The Complete MASTER CLEANSEA Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of The Lemonade Diet**.

“I wanted to do a cleanse because I’ve been a junk food addict since elementary school…The fact that a close family member was experiencing several health problems also influenced the instigation of my detox. Because as I searched for something that might help my kin, one day I found Tom Woloshyn’s paperback**. I do not recall ever hearing of him or the MC before, but after examining his book my relative and I decided to go on the MC together.

“After reading Woloshyn’s book, we did what the author recommends: 1) we took before & after photos, and 2) made copies of the one-page journal, in the back of his book, to take notes. But his journal was not convenient for us to use. Therefore, I decided to design my own and we began the MC.

My Cleanse Keeper (MCK) is a colossal upgrade over my initial design. MCK™ provides a convenient format that allows you to access and preserve your journals for any detox program. Each section is divided into a 10-day cleansing segment and a 3-day post-cleanse subdivision for readjusting to a regular diet. Feel free to fill in the columns and areas marked “Notes,” with as much or little detail as you find useful. Additionally, if your program exceeds 10 days, for whatever reason, please continue to the next section. In such a case, you can indicate why you decided to remain on the cleanse instead of listing your motive(s) for starting it, use that area for something else, or just leave it blank. Similarly, if your detox is less than 10 days, that’s fine as well. Please treat these as awareness prompts instead of definite themes for the cleanse. Keep in mind, there aren’t any rigid rules since this book is for you and by YOU!

“Consequently, depending on the length of your program(s), each MCK™ volume in the series can accommodate 12 ten-day detox routines, and allows you to compare your current experience with preceding and succeeding ones, whether you use the MC or some other cleansing process. You can improve your health and your life!”

*Excerpts from My Cleanser Keeper—The Black & White Series. Copyright © 2015 J.D. Dyola. All rights reserved.
**Not an affiliate link.
¹ D.J. Giesler. Let’s Put An End to Cancer. (Self-published, n.d.), Page 79. To contact the author and/or publisher visit: www.innovationsinscience.com.


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JD Dyola is passionate about designing journaling tools, and believes that journaling supports continual personal growth and healing. This conviction led her to share JD Dyola Journals ❤™ with you, and pour love into every volume. JD is the author and designer of multiple journaling resources, including:

The 4-T™ "for TODAY" Series—A series for chronicling what happens to you each day: what you learned, read, and makes you grateful.

The 4-H™ "por HOY" Series—The Spanish edition of the 4-T™ Series.

The My Cleanse Keeper™ Collection (MCK)—Journals to detail your health journey, as you undergo a detox. Note: These books are just journals and are not intended to replace treatment or medical advice from a qualified physician.

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Disclaimer: JD Dyola Journals ❤™ are informational only. They contain JD Dyola's opinions, and are not designed to provide health, psychological, or any other type of therapy or guidance. Please consult a health professional for any issues that you may be facing. JD Dyola is not responsible for any consequences resulting from journaling or using the informational content on this site or in her journals.

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