Announcing JD Dyola’s My Cleanse Keeper (MCK)—The Black & White Series

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Hi folks,

My Cleanse Keeper (MCK)  is a journal that you can use for any detox program, including the Master Cleanse (MC), if that is what you choose.

The MC just happened to be the detox plan that I discovered last year as I was researching ways to improve my health and well-being. I came across a book about it, read it cover-to-cover, and decided to follow the program. I needed a good journal to track my progress so I designed one. When I completed my cleanse and had a very positive experience, I did what you normally do when you find something beneficial…I enthusiastically shared my results with family and friends. And they wanted to learn more and try the MC detox also. So, for encouragement I gave them blank copies of my journal and they loved it. I hope that you will too! I’ve put the journal in book form and updated it considerably. Now I am super excited and beyond thrilled to share it with you!

A couple of weeks ago, I released the MCK  Full-Color Series. Then I immediately began working on the MCK Black & White Series to offer a few more alluring options to my fellow cleansers. MCK—B & W comes in the delightful fruit selections shown. Each book is the same inside and, other than a few minor changes, nearly identical to the Full-Color Series. For instance, this time I’ve chosen a matte finish instead of a glossy one for the cover. And it was a great decision, you’ll just love the luxurious look and silky feel of it.

Experts agree that keeping a written record of your health is beneficial in many ways. Tracking your daily progress as you detox is very important as well. So please try the My Cleanse Keeper journals! Use the volumes in either series in any order that you like…better yet mix-and-match between both the Full-Color and the Black &White Series MCK series!

Wishing you more health and happiness than I can express,

“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola

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JD Dyola is passionate about creating journaling tools and is the author and designer of multiple journal series, including:

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