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 New! WIL–T™—The Lifelong Learning Series

The books in JD Dyola’s WIL–T—The Lifelong Learning (LLL) Series are handy tools that encourage reflection on what you learn each day—whether you journal throughout the day or at the day’s end. Journaling as you learn can stimulate continual growth, especially if you pause periodically, to revisit the thoughts of earlier entries and review your progress. These journals are…Books for you and by YOU!

WIL-T™ is a journal designed to record what you’ve learned each day. It’s a book for you and by YOU because you decide whether you want to make entries throughout the day — as you are discovering something new — or if you prefer to record all commentary at the end of your day. WIL-T™ was the 1st volume in the 4-T™ “for TODAY” Journal Series; the Lifelong Learning Series is one of the many spinoffs that were recently released.

 More about JD Dyola’s PERSONAL Development JournalWIL-T: What I Learned…TODAY!

Around 2014, in addition to my general journal, I began to use a separate notebook for what I had learned during the day, another for notes about material that I had read that day, and a third one as a daily gratitude journal. At the beginning of my journal entry I would write “What I Learned Today,” or “About What I Read Today,” or “What I’m Grateful for Today.” In a short time, I was writing only the acronym for each journal heading (WILT, AWIRT, and WIG4T). The 4-T™ journals emerged!

Then at the beginning of 2015, I started researching what’s involved in becoming indie author (self-published, independent author). I’ve always loved to write and I got a lot of helpful advice from other indie authors. Soon the 4-T™ Journal Series was born! Then, after a few weeks of carrying around 3-4 journals every day along with other books, I developed WAW 4-T: The Combo Journal. I figured that if I found journals like this valuable then you might also. And I know that I was correct because you’re here reading this. I hope that you’ll love the 4-T™ journals and WIL-T™ spinoffs as much as I do and enjoy your journaling experience while using them.

The new WIL–T™ series have the same goal as the 4-T “for TODAY” Journal Series™. The primary difference between the original WIL–T™ journal and these spinoffs is that the predetermined sections that were in the original WIL–T™ are not in the spin-offs, so you have complete freedom over your journaling sessions. As I always say, “Growth requires freedom!” (Note: The interior is the same for both new series, just choose the cover option that suits you most.)

The books are available now through the CreateSpace eStore using the links below or click one of the images above to preview the journal on my Amazon Author Page.

Volume 1: https://www.createspace.com/6614727

Volume 2: https://www.createspace.com/6614756

Volume 3: https://www.createspace.com/6614774

Volume 4: https://www.createspace.com/6614779


Books in JD Dyola’s 4–T™ “for TODAY” Journal Series:

WIL-T: What I Learned…TODAY! (Volume 1—A Personal Development Journal)

AWIR-T: About What I Read…TODAY! (Volume 2—A Reading Companion Journal)

WIG 4-T: What I’m Grateful for…TODAY! (Volume 3—A Gratitude Journal)

WAW 4-T: The Combo Journal (Volume 4—A combination of volumes 1-3)

“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola



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