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A Personal Plea, from My ❤ 2 Yours…Please take care of YOUrself!


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Self Care

Hi folks…What do you do each day to care for yourself?

Although, the Do/Don’t list above says Healthy Living Made Simple, we all know that simpleeasy. Most things in life are straightforward, but they involve a great deal of sacrifice, time, and discipline. That’s what makes them both elementary and onerous.

Take Care of YOU

My wake up call came recently after a dear family friend was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening condition. It seemed to come out of the blue, but this condition took years to develop even though if was a shock when it finally erupted. My books are about nurturing yourself in some way everyday—emotionally, physically, and so on. Today I’m sending out a heartfelt plea to all of you…please make caring for yourself a priority. There are so many people who cherish and appreciate you. Is your name at the top of that list?

Remember, the Master Teacher said that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. You know what they tell us on the plane about putting the oxygen mask on yourself first? We each need to love ourselves and safeguard our own health before we rush to help someone else. The way we care for our personal health usually mirrors our approach to other areas of life as well.

My personal battles are getting enough rest, sleep, and exercise. So, I’m including myself in this too, we all need reminders. It definitely is not easy, but we can win at caring for ourselves if we make it a habit, and a daily priority. Then it does become easier.

Tips & Tools to Live HealthIER

Consequently, here are a few posts & sites that I have found helpful in the continuing struggle (BTW, I am not affiliated with any of the organizations or authors):


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Fitness/Healthy Lifestyle Tips




Free Workout Plans for All Fitness Levels, Free Meals Plans & Motivation. I just discovered HASfit, and I love this fabulous couple: Coach Kozak & his wife, Claudia! Why? Because I own several fitness DVDs, but I have found it difficult to follow the instructor, at times, because the camera shot did not show the entire person or the guidance was lacking. With this couple, not only are the directions clear, about how to do each movement correctly, but they also explain ways to change the exercise for people at various fitness levels, while motivating you and sharing personal struggles of their own. Get your HASfit Interactive Trainer App  for iOS & Android (Reminder, I am not affiliated with HASfit, just passing the information along with the hopes that this might help you!)


 Heart Health




Body Functions & What To Look For




Do you have a favorite self-care post? If so, please share it in the comments.

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Last updated on July 2, 2017.

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