Introducing the BEST JD Dyola Journals ❤™ yet! ⇒ AWIR–T™―The Bookworm Series

AWIR-T™—The Bookworm Series, Volume 1AWIR-T™—The Bookworm Series, Volume 2AWIR-T™—The Bookworm Series, Volume 3AWIR-T™—The Bookworm Series, Volume 4


New! AWIR–T™—The Bookworm Series

(AWIR–T™ = About What I Read…TODAY!—A Reading Companion Journal)

Hi folks, I’m delighted to introduce the best JD Dyola Journals ❤™ to date! I’ve worked feverishly to create AWIR–T™ spinoffs and this is the first set: The Bookworm Series (BW).

AWIR–T™ = About What I Read…TODAY! Click To Tweet

Since they’re spinoffs, the new AWIR–T™ journals serve the same function as the original AWIR–T™ of the 4-T™ “for TODAY” Journal Series. The primary difference between the 4-T™ AWIR–T™ journal and these spinoffs is the complete freedom you have without any AWIR–T™ fixed sections. As I always say, “Growth requires freedom!” However, for those who prefer more structure, I am planning an expanded AWIR–T™ with guidance sections. But first my plan is to release more Bookworm Series (BW) editions in French, German, and Spanish. Stay tuned for those editions, hopefully, in the next few weeks!* I’ve learned so much over the past few months and I’m putting my new-found knowledge on display in my new journals.

A Brief Tour of the  AWIR–T™ Bookworm Spinoffs

Each cover image that I’ve chosen epitomizes, what I believe are, qualities of the quintessential bookworm and see the image again opposite the copyright notice page: Volume 1, Carl Spitzweg’s famous painting “The Bookworm, Volume 2, Claude Raguet Hirst’s “The Bookworm’s Table”, Volume 3, the shelves of a bookworm who also has journals tied in bundles with various books, Volume 4, a nighttime bookworm’s table. Images for these last two journals are courtesy of Pixabay.

Introducing Bubba, MY Reading Goals, & MY TOP 20 READS

Finally, I’ve introduced totally new features like the journal loving bookworm character, I call Bubba (that’s him below). You’ll be seeing him, or one of his cousins, in other  journals soon. The inner cover shows Bubba carrying a stack of 20 books. Look for him as he “walks” through the journal eager to get to is favorite reading and journaling spot. Two other features: You can set a few goals on the My Reading Goals pages; and later in the journal, list your Top 20 Reads, which could be favorite books or the most significant books that have affected your life to date, etc. I hope that you enjoy using the new journals and share your opinion with me.

JD Dyola Journals ❤™ Books for you and by YOU!™

Books in AWIR–T™—The Bookworm Series (BW) are handy tools that encourage reflection on what you read each day—whether you journal throughout the day or at the day’s end. I’ve  found that journaling while I read helps me to save ideas that I can “chew on” later in the day or distant future. 

These BW journals are available now through the CreateSpace eStore (click here to find links on the AWIR–T™—BW page). Or click one of the book images above to preview the journal on my Amazon Author Page, using the “Look inside” feature which becomes available in 3-5 business days.

As always, I appreciate your support. Thank you for reading and journaling with me!

*Note: August 29, 2017–I started work on these and then my family had several crises to deal with so these are on the back burner for now. I’ll keep you updated though.

Updated: January 17, 2018.


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“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola

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