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“The groundwork of all happiness is health” ~Leigh Hunt


Hi folks,

We all want health and happiness, for ourselves and our loved ones, right? Well, along those lines, last year as I was searching for ways to become healthier, I learned about the Master Cleanse (MC) and the benefits of cleansing. I decided to try it. In preparation for the detox I designed a journal to track my progress. When I had favorable results, I told some family and friends about the MC and they wanted to try it as well. For encouragement and as an aid, I sent them blank copies of my journal and they loved it. I hope that you will too!

I’ve updated it, put it in book form, and I’m so excited to share it with you. My Cleanse Keeper (MCK)  is a journal that you can use for any detox program, including the MC, if that is what you choose.

The full-color MCK series, shown above, will be available shortly. For variety, it comes in the four fruit assortments shown. Hey, everyone is not a fan of grapes, or red, and so on. But save for the cover, each book is the same inside.

In addition to the color editions above, MCK journals with black and white interiors are also on the way, very shortly!

Wishing you happiness and the best of health,

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“Growth requires freedom.” —J.D. Dyola

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