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The 4-T™ “for TODAY” Series*

WIL-T_BookCoverImage-UPDATE2 AWIR-T_BookCoverImage-UPDATE2 wig-4-t_new-4-2016waw-4-t_new-4-2016

The 4-H™ “por HOY” Series*

LQA-H__Front CvrLQL-H__Front CvrLQEA-H_Front CvrLQALA-H_Front Cvr

*NOTE: This discount applies exclusively to 4-T™ journals (released June 2015) and 4-H™ journals (released June 2016) purchased through the CreateSpace eStorenot  Amazon.com.

Other JD Dyola Journals available at regular price below…

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My Cleanse Keeper™ (MCK)—The Full-Color Series

My_Cleanse_Keeper_Cover_for_KindleMy_Cleanse_Keeper_Cover_for_Kindle_VOL 2My_Cleanse_Keeper_Cover_for_Kindle_VOL 3My_Cleanse_Keeper_Cover_for_Kindle_VOL 4

My Cleanse Keeper™ (MCK)—The Black & White Series

Proposed BookCoverImage_MCK in B_W-Vol 1Proposed BookCoverImage_MCK in B_W-Vol 2Proposed BookCoverImage_MCK in B_W-Vol 3Proposed BookCoverImage_MCK in B_W-Vol 4


Series: In Celebration of…Family

FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 FAMILY Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…Friendship

FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 FRIENDSHIP Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Orchids

FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 FLOWERS_Orchids Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

 Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Roses

FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 FLOWERS_Roses Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

 Series: In Celebration of…Music

MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 MUSIC Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…Pets

PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 1 PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 2 PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 3 PETS Series_BookCoverImage-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Lilies

FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 1FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 2FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 3FLOWERS_Lilies Series_FrontCvr-Vol 4

Series: In Celebration of…FLOWERS—Orchid Encore

FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 1FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 2FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 3FLOWERS_Orchid Encore Series_FrontCvr-Vol 4


“Growth requires freedom.” —JD Dyola


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